On February 29th of 2020 Friends of Cabrera, Inc. partnered and collaborated with many local supporters for an amazing & successful fundraising event to build awareness and forge relationships for the cause of education in Cabrera, Dominican Republic!

Now we need to build THE EDUCATION CENTER FOR CABRERA! Here’s how!

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Bringing the FUN back into fundraiser!!! FEB. 29th – Casa Kimball




How to share in the magic of giving, enjoy a spectacular event

while raising awareness & funds for education for Dominican children?

Attend THE gala evening of 2020

hosted at the magnificent Caribbean estate Casa Kimball!

An evening of live entertainment, games, silent auction,

surprises, special guests & great times!!!

TICKETS: US$100 – RD5,500 ~ RSVP: FEBRUARY 20TH, 2020                      





cafe cappuccinos – casa kimball – el faro de cabrera

Your Donations Make It Work!

The good works and deeds of the FRIENDS OF CABRERA are
only made possible through your generous donations.
Thank you for your support!

The Friends of Cabrera Inc. is a 501(c)3 US-based non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York.

Donations are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.


Seeking new projects! Have an idea to help Cabrera? Or a cause you wish to support?

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. is always open to receiving and facilitating any support or new project proposals that will benefit Cabrera and improve the quality of life for it’s citizens.

Have an idea? Here’s where you can start;

  1. Prepare a project proposal – it doesn’t have to be a thesis, a simple 1-2 page write up (plus cover letter) outlining the key components of the project – the guidelines can be found here.
  2. Budget – be sure to include a detailed budget outlining the funding required to meet the goals and objectives
  3. Submit – submit your proposal to contact@friendsofcabrera.org for review. Once approved we will immediately upload your project on our website to be available to potential donors of Friends of Cabrera, Inc. as well as for review to include in our future fundraising events.

Wish to support a great cause or project?

Select one from our list or let us know if there is one you would like to support that is not on our list and head over to our donations page and pledge your donation.

It’s that simple!

Teach Abroad Openings!

Bienvenidos! El Faro de Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the small town of Cabrera is best described as a home school co-op and community center that focuses upon providing a quality and affordable educational option to local families. There are available teaching and volunteering positions. It is a wonderful opportunity for experience in ELL and cross-curriculum education as well as for people looking for an active role in community development.

Contact/More Info:

Email: farodecabrera@gmail.com

Website: www.farodecabrera.weebly.com

Facebook: Faro de Cabrera, SRL



Thank you Aeropost for showing your support for the cause of education in the Dominican Republic. Words can not express the gratitude from Friends of Cabrera, Inc., Faro de Cabrera and especially all of the children that will benefit from these education materials that your company sponsored to bring from the United States to our center in Cabrera, Dominican Republic. Thank you! Gracias!!!!


The Friend’s Centre – Centro de Amigos

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. and Faro de Cabrera, SRL have, together, occupied a new education community centre in Cabrera. This two story building with bright, airy spaces, a completely enclosed property and almost 1 acre of green space of which opens directly to access the community baseball field and elementary public school makes us very excited about the potential here.

The work has just begun, would you like to help?  We hope to build a basketball court, are in need of outdoor night lighting and to create pathways and play spaces that are not muddy. Perhaps organic gardening is your interest and you can help us build a compost and equip a growing learning center? Or maybe you are inspired to develop a children’s playground? Any talent or resource you can share becomes an important part of the Friend’s Center for the enjoyment of the community.

Please let us know what talent or resource you can share by reaching out to contact@friendsofcabrera.org

New Board of Directors

As of the fall of 2011, Friends of Cabrera, Inc. has registered and is operating a new board of directors.

President – Felicita Garcia

Secretary – Marta Cabrera

Treasurer – Monica Bouwmeester

Together with our advisory members and municipal representatives we are a team dedicated to the positive development of Cabrera and to programs that improve the quality of life for Cabrera’s citizens.

To reach one of our board members directly email contact@friendsofcabrera.org

Grant Request Guidelines

Accessing the funding capabilities of Friends of Cabrera requires submission of a written grant proposal for evaluation by the Board of Directors.  Grants need not be overly complicated yet they do have to provide a thorough overview of the project to be funded and the clear, measurable benefits to the citizens of Cabrera.

Friends of Cabrera

FRIENDS OF CABRERA, INC. is organized for charitable, educational, and cultural purposes including, without limitation, to use volunteer labor, grants, donations and donated building materials to create and build public works projects that to improve the lives and benefit all citizens of the Municipality of Cabrera, Province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, Dominican Republic.


Our vision is to enable the Municipality of Cabrera to develop cohesive, sustainable programs to encourage development of a culturally rich, ethnically diverse and educated community of citizens from the Dominican Republic and other foreign countries.

As of August 2009 we have been granted the 501(c)3 status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  A copy of this authorization is available for download from our Donate page.