Let’s BUILD!!!! The Education Center for Cabrera!!!

On February 29th of 2020 Friends of Cabrera, Inc. partnered and collaborated with many local supporters for an amazing & successful fundraising event to build awareness and forge relationships for the cause of education in Cabrera, Dominican Republic!


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Friends of Cabrera, Inc., a US not-profit 501c(3) resource for projects and programs developed for the betterment and benefit of Cabrera, has been a proud facilitator of support for Faro de Cabrera, SRL since 2010!

The results of this program are easily measured in the testimonials of their alumni!

Faro de Cabrera, under many challenging circumstances, has prevailed to honor their commitment of an accessible, bilingual education for Dominican children. They are now facing one of the biggest, yet most exciting, challenges of all! Their enrollment has reached beyond their capacity & their location can no longer be adapted to support the demand!

Now it is time to facilitate the support needed to build an education center that will honor the hard work and commitment of the Faro de Cabrera community & provide a solid foundation for further development of many education initiatives for the youth of Cabrera, including further vocational training.

With the land & building plans already in place and contributed through Trade for Travel + the empowerment via community we can build THE education center for Cabrera!

See here for how!!!


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