The Friends Centre

The Friends Centre and the El Futuro Programs 2012-13


“When a child writes songs and sing about human values, they will stay forever in your working memory, passing them to their community and future generations.” (Program Director – Tadeu De Marco)

This educational musical program begins with instructions and practice to develop a basic understanding of guitar, compositions and percussion using recycled materials. Themes for song composition are developed during the program through a variety of topic discussions amongst learners.

In 2012-13 children of the El Faro Academic Program, with the help of the program director, wrote and composed songs on social issues that were important to them. Together they created – Cero Violencia, a Rap dedicated to zero tolerance for violence, Educacion, dedicated to the importance of education and Limpia Ciudad, dedicated to a clean Cabrera.

















Afternoon Programs at The Friends Centre

Our more advance students helping the younger students to read.