Private Ambulance


Patronato Pro Ambulancia para Cabrera-Gestor de Servicios Comunitarios

This committee, a solid and professional group of local citizens, moved forward fundraising for an ambulance with the consensus that to be able to have available any reasonable form of emergency services to the people of Cabrera acquiring an adequate and privately managed ambulance was a necessity. This group, raising funds since July 2015, fell short of US$6,600 to reach their goal.

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. collaborated with this dedicated group to develop systems and protocols that would empower and defend the solicitation of the necessary additional funding for this project. Some of these included;
-Sourcing and quoting a qualified vehicle
-Sourcing and quoting insurance
-Identifying a secure storage space
-Driver specifications
-Protocols for operations and use, ie. log sheets, patient transfer, rates ect.
-Ongoing maintenance protocols
-Ongoing fundraising for maintenance and repairs

In July of 2016, Friends of Cabrera, Inc. was able to facilitate a donor to complete required funding.

There is no question of the need and the lives that it will save.