Faro de Cabrera – Scholarship Fund

“One child that gets the opportunity to learn

in a healthy, productive environment,

is a future contributor of a better tomorrow for all”

The El Faro Academic Program cultivates the innate curiosity and creativity of each child while providing a comprehensive, bilingual and multicultural education in a safe and motivating environment. They aim to develop skills and talents while fostering a sense of environmental and social responsibility, preparing individuals to participate as proactive, productive and ethical members of their local and global communities. They achieve this by offering our students an innovative dual accredited homeschooling program, personal development workshops and community projects in an interactive and caring environment.

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. is seeking donations for our scholarship fund to be able to sponsor 6 children to begin this program. We highly believe that early childhood education is the key to healthy personal growth and development, and to providing a chance at a better future for Dominican children.

The attendees of the El Faro Academic Program
deliver some Christmas cheer to the less fortunate.