Our Programs

Since the community is a dynamic organism the specific focus of FRIENDS OF CABRERA will change from time to time but, broadly speaking, remain within the seven (7) specific programs outlined here.

Educational Assistance (25%) – Provide guidance and additional funding to under-privileged children from the municipality who cannot otherwise afford a quality education nor have access to a quality learning environment. Having worked with La Academia Internacional de Cabrera (International Academy of Cabrera), a privately funded, public, multi-lingual school (K-7), and now working with Faro de Cabrera, SRL, we identify motivated, committed and aspiring students who are in need of tuition assistance and sponsorships.  We also provide assistance for resources and housing assistance for educators from outside of the country who donate their time to the education of the children of Cabrera.

In addition, as of the summer of 2012, we have established and maintain the Friend’s Center. A community education center being developed to invite the children of the community to have access to a children’s library, gardens, playground and special programs in art and music. Also, the center is available to invite volunteer professionals in health and education to open public meetings, programs and workshops.

Economic Development (25%) – Provide relevant assistance to local businesses and the municipality to encourage and foster development of independent economic growth.  This will include but is not limited to the collaborative development of pragmatic policies and programs needed for both the public and private sectors.  Research on issues key to the economic sustainability of businesses in and around Cabrera will result in narrowly focused sub-programs, which have yet to be identified.   The overall program will also become a resource for the community at large and a catalyst for community action aimed at improving the economic conditions of Cabrera.  In summary, this program is designed to provide the community with a non-partisan, unbiased business resource enabling them to achieve sustainable self-development.

Emergency Equipment (10%) – Provide additional funding to the municipality for the acquisition, maintenance, training and effective use of emergency equipment.  Emergency equipment will include fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, beach rescue equipment and similar items for the benefit of the community.

Parks & Common Areas (10%) – Provide guidance and funding for the municipality to enhance the community common areas.  This includes providing the economic means for the municipality to convert abandoned, neglected common land into parks or other safe, community-based and available sites.  Government funding for such projects are virtually non-existent so private donations are the sole source enabling the city to obtain earth-moving equipment, hire local laborers, seed / plant and generally beautify the common municipal areas.

City Streets & Walkways (10%) – Provide financial assistance for the municipality to convert dangerous streets and pathways into permanent, maintainable roads and walkways for the community.  Enhance the roadways and paths along the oceanfront to encourage more economic investment and development to the area. In addition, this program will seek to provide assistance in the construction of community streetlights to enhance the safety and well-being of citizens and visitors.

Beaches & Waterways (10%) – Provide financial assistance for the municipality and citizens to clean and maintain waterfront and rivers. We will also assist in repairing accessibility to public beaches, including making reparations following strong tropical storms.

Refuse Collection & Disposal (10%) – Provide guidance and additional funding for the municipality to develop a comprehensive, self-funded garbage collection and disposal system.  Garbage is currently collected in only a handful of areas leaving streams, rivers and gutters becoming choked with refuse.  Guidance is needed to help educate the municipal leaders and citizenry of the dangers of mismanaged refuse.  Funding is required to maintain the single garbage truck, possibly purchase an additional truck and investing in green, sustainable landfill solutions for the municipality.