How We Operate

The proper distribution of funds for the intended charitable need is of critical importance to the Friends of Cabrera.  For this reason, we have a very strict methods for accounting for the source of funds, their intended use and full transparency on their expenditure.  The By-Laws of the Friends of Cabrera detail the following requirements for the allocation and financial distribution of funds:

Grant Requests

Every distribution of funds must be accompanied by a written request for the use of the funds.  Grant requests follow guidelines which are provided by the Friends of Cabrera and updated from time to time.  The written requests remain on file indefinitely along with the results of the request.

Project Management

Every distribution of funds is associated with a specific project.  Each project must have at least one project manager.  The project manager reports to the Board of Directors providing written reports on the distribution of funds.  No funds are distributed without the approval of the project manager and there are limits, based on the project, on how much of a distribution may be authorized without Board approval.

Unauthorized Use of Funds

The following types of financial distributions are not supported by or authorized by the Friends of Cabrera for any reason:

  • to private foundations, political campaigns or for lobbying purposes;
  • to pay for dinners, entertainment, golf tournaments, tickets to events and other benefits of substantial value.
  • to cover the personal needs of an individual, such as living or travel expenses;
  • to purchase raffle tickets and other similar games of chance;
  • any distributions to intermediaries of a direct service or product provider;

Program / Grant Transparency

Any contributor of USD $1,000 or more may at any time receive a full report and financial statement on a program to which they have contributed.  Our goal is to ensure complete transparency of our source of funds through to the allocation and distribution of those funds in a meaningful and traceable manner.

Organizational Costs

As a community focused charitable entity, Friends of Cabrera budgets its operational overhead very closely and commits to an allocation of no more than 10% of funds received to be spent on general management.  We also have specific budgets for fund-raising expenses and program expenses that all fall within IRS guidelines.