Who We Are

FRIENDS OF CABRERA, INC. is incorporated in the State of New York and are recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service as a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Donations, contributions, bequests, transfer and gifts provided to F of C, Inc. are fully tax deductible under various sections of the IRS code.  Please consult with your tax advisers prior to providing any donation to ensure it is qualified.

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Soliciting donations of grants and contributions to provide funding for municipal projects, education programs and cultural activities
  • Providing relevant assistance to local businesses and the municipality to encourage and foster development of independent economic growth
  • Providing guidance and funding for the municipality to enhance the community common areas such as parks, city streets and walkways
  • Providing financial assistance to the municipality to assist in maintaining clean, accessible public beaches
  • Providing guidance and additional funding for the municipality to develop a comprehensive, self-funded garbage collection and disposal system
  • Collaborating with Faro de Cabrera, SRL to provide educational grants, sponsorships or other financial assistance to enhance the education for under-privileged children
  • Providing additional funding to the municipality for the acquisition, maintenance, training and effective use of emergency equipment
  • Augmenting the efforts of the municipality, with their close collaboration, to help achieve higher standards of living, education and economic development
  • Soliciting international and local volunteers

We are sustained through the very generous contributions of funds, materials, supplies, and equipment from individuals and corporations combined with the dedication of time and talent from local and international volunteers.

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. was founded by American investor and entrepreneur Jason Matthews with the intention of gathering resources to support the progress of Cabrera and improve living standards for all those living in the area of Cabrera.

The new board of directors of Friends of Cabrera, Inc. is grateful to its founder for the unconditional support in transferring over to us this foundation and providing us with this great opportunity to further develop it into something viable for our area.

Friends of Cabrera, Inc. wishes to hear from anyone with ideas or with the desire to support any projects of this non-profit that are for the benefit of Cabrera.

To reach us directly email  contact@friendsofcabrera.org